Founders Carpenters Box

A friend gave me an idea old box that was solid but he didn’t know what is was for because it had been over painted in black. He found it in a skip.

I stripped back the old lead black paint and found a beautiful oak box with the label ‘Founder’ ‘H M Dockyard’ ‘Rosyth’.

The box was a carpenter box for the Founder who made wood pieces which the ship required to. E made into a cast so that the piece could be made into a cast iron part by casting. It is an integral part of the complex pieces of a ship.

I left the inside of the box as it came because I loved the authentic feel of it but I also found this stamp on the underside of the removable shelf:

I am not sure what ‘Crayproof’ means but I thought tested by Admiralty Overseer was interesting.

Once I stripped back the paint I carved a Weilgiest onto the top and this is the final look:

Any comments are welcome.